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This is Screen & Stove, a monthly newsletter that explores a select culture through film and food. Each newsletter features a film essay and recipe video. The film selections are mostly foreign (non-English) and the food selections are mostly vegetarian (lacto-ovo).

My goal is to journal my experiences traveling from home - consider this a budget version of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. To encourage others to join along, I try to select films that are available for streaming and recipes that only require common appliances (e.g. stove or blender).

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My name is Sandeep, or Sunny for short, and to describe myself succinctly I will rattle off the following: 28 year-old man, Telugu-American, raised in suburban Cleveland, and a Michigan alum - Go Blue! While I am neither a film critic nor chef by trade, I fancy myself with those titles by hobby.

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Few things are as inherently vicarious as film or food. This is an invitation to use both to better understand our immensely diverse world.


Sandeep Rao

I like to watch movies. I like to cook. Here to create & connect.